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The Benefits of Moth Traps

Apr 09, 2012

Now is the time when clothes and carpet moth larvae start to pupate and turn into adult moths, stimulated by the increasing Spring temperatures we are now experiencing. At we’re seeing sales of moth traps and moth boxes rocket! Both traps and boxes work on the same principle: the integral sticky glue boards are impregnated with the female moth pheromone to attract male moths.  It is the males that fly in search of a mate (the females will only fly if provoked, preferring to hop or crawl).  The males get stuck on the glue boards.  The benefits are two-fold: ...

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Celebrity Clothes Moths

Mar 28, 2012

BBC2 presenter Chris Evans was just talking about his clothes being attacked by clothes moths on his morning radio show. This time of year is the time when many people start to notice moth problems. Partly this is because we start to look for spring and summer clothes and discover that they've been eaten over the winter, and partly it's because this is the time of year when the moths start to fly. It's a critical time to start treating any moth problems to stop them getting worse. Treatment is in three parts: stop the moths breeding with pheremone traps,...

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Spring Clothes Moth Season Starting

Mar 23, 2012

The warm weather of the past week has seen a jump in demand for Moth Prevention and Moth Eradication products as the spring arrives. Although clothes moths are now an all-year-round problem with most homes having central heating that keeps them active even in winter, spring is the season in which most most clothes moths start to emerge and start looking for somewhere to mate and lay eggs. Recently our customers have been noticing more moth activity and come to for solutions. At this stage of the clothes moth breeding cycle it is essential to prevent the adult moths...

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Moth Prevention Launches Customer Reviews

Feb 21, 2012

Exciting news for us in the launch of independent customer reviews of Moth Prevention using the best online user-review service, Feefo We’re committed to customer service and transparency and this move demonstrates our desire to help new customers with real feedback on both our service and individual products, the latter being a unique feature of Feefo user reviews compared with other user review services. will display user feedback at the individual product level in order that visitors to our website can make well informed choices about which product is right for their particular needs and how well it has...

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Cold Spells = Extended Clothes Moth Damage!

Feb 11, 2012

So the snow’s now reached right across the country and has reached us in Dorset.  The blackbirds behind the offices of Moth Towers are still active as you’ll see in the photo below:   Clothes Moths are still a problem though! Customers calling us are curious about this so we thought we’d explain a little more.  As you’ll no doubt know, moth damage has become a year round problem, especially with central heating in most homes through the UK.  Moth larvae hate cold and draughts, but a small drop in the internal temperature in your house will only slow down...

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