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Moths in Pianos

Jul 09, 2012

How to Deal With a Moth Infestation in Your Piano We get quite a few enquiries about the risk of moths damaging pianos, and in particular the felt hammers – piano hammers are made of felt wrapped around wood and are prone to moth damage because felt is made from matted and condensed woollen fibres, a great food source for many varieties of moth, including carpet moths, clothes moths and house moths. The other attractiveness for moths in pianos is that if they can gain access, the inside of a piano is a near perfect environment with little light, being...

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We've Moved!

Jul 04, 2012 has moved to new premises, fit for purpose and capable of handling our expansion - we're in a dry, insulated old farm building just down the road from our old premises, and very happy with it too! Our new postal address is: New Barn, Unit 3 Lower Maiden Newton Farm Crockway Dorchester Dorset DT2 0BY Our telephone number remains 01300 321098 and, as ever, we're here to help, either by the 'phone, or on email at Thank you to all our customers for supporting us as we start the next exciting phase of our journey with the UK's...

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Outstanding Independent Customer Reviews for

Jun 12, 2012

We are delighted to finally be able to show you what some of our customers think of our customer service. Since February 17th we have been using Feefo, an independent review tool for customers to rate our service and so far we are very happy with the results! As you can see if you look at our Customer Reviews page, we have recieved some very flattering feedback from over 200 customers and this number is growing every day. If you want to find out how Feefo works click here.

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NEW brand STV with Demi-Diamond Moth traps

Jun 11, 2012

We are happy to announce our range of products has just expanded further with the arrival of new brand STV.  STV offer a wide range of bug control, with a selection of trusted and highly effective moth control products. The Zero-In demi-diamond Moth Trap is a great design which has a plastic frame where you insert the sticky strip which is embedded with pheremone lure to attract male moths which get stuck in the trap and can't escape, therefore breaking the moth breeding cycle.  Other products from this brand include the Clothes Moth Killer Spray and Moth Killer Sachets.

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Clothes Moth 'Plague' Across the UK

Apr 18, 2012

What we suspected has come to fruition in the description of the current clothes and carpet moth problems as a 'plague' in today's Daily Telegraph.  By being a buisness that thrives on customer feedback, our customers are clearly teling us that this year is worse than any in recent memory for clothes moths and the resultant damage they cause. There is still publicity about  last year's infestation of the DEFRA headquarters in Westminster, nicknamed the 'Ministry for Moths'! The building had to be evacuated and fumigated! The Daily Telegraph thankfully gives sound advice, albeit in summary - as ever, the...

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