Keeping Clothes Moth Free

Tips from around the web to help you keep eliminate carpet moths . If you own an antique rug that you have no place to display, you must store the rug so it is not damaged by moths, whether it is being stored in your attic or a storage unit.

First, spray the rug thoroughly, front and back, with an insecticide containing pyrethrins. Wrap the rug in thick plastic, or an acid-free cardboard paper. Place cedar chips inside the coil of the rug, then seal the entire rug in a plastic bag. Avoid placing moth balls and other strong-scented moth repellents inside the bag, as it will make the rug smell like these repellents for years to come.

Vacuum the entire face of the rug weekly if possible. At least several times a year, vacuum the backside of the rug and the pad and floor underneath. If the rug is too large to handle, flip the edgesover, and vacuum at least one to two feet in along the borders on the back side of the rug. The corresponding areas on the pad and floor should also be vacuumed.

The best way to protect your clothing and furnishings from damage from fabric-eating insects is to use the following measures:

Purchase items the manufacturer has treated so they resist clothes moths. Apply protective treatments to target a clothes moth infestation. Practice good housekeeping so the insects do not have a chance to lay eggs, which hatch into hungry larvae. When necessary, use insecticide or a natural repellent to discourage insects from infesting your home. If you discover a heavy infestation of insects in your home, contact a reputable pest control firm to help remedy the problem.

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