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Moth Prevention Feature on The One Show on BBC 1

Feb 07, 2012

Last night George McGavin showed viewers of "The One Show" how clothes moths get into our houses and destroy our clothes, and gave some tips to help keep homes and wardrobes moth free. The feature gave a great explanation of the life cycle of the clothes moth, as well as showing some horrible pictures of the larvae in HD close up. As with most problems in life, prevention is better than cure and is usually cheaper in the long run, so he recommended several ways to discourage moths from making a home in your cupboards, drawers and wardrobes including using...

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Mild Weather and Moth Hatchings

Feb 02, 2012

Although we’re experiencing a cold-snap at the moment, this winter has been unseasonably mild, combined with our creature-comfort fondness for central heating, we are secretly encouraging a hungry pest into our homes. Maintaining a constantly warm and cosy atmosphere at home unfortunately provides a perfect breeding environment for moths. In years gone by, moth eggs hatched in the spring when temperatures started to rise, but they are now a year-round pest due to energy-efficient homes, thermostats and central heating. The expanding moth population is estimated to have infiltrated over 1 million homes in the UK and causes distress, worry and...

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Jan 23, 2012

STOP the Press! Moth Prevention now have a range of Zero In moth products in place of Woodlore as of 2013! ****************************************************************** sells the widest range of moth control products in the UK and this week has added Woodlore, a fabulous American clothing care brand, to its extensive anti-moth product range. Woodlore specialise in very high quality cedar wood products – our range includes the following: Cedar Spray – simple cedar spray and cedar with lavender for application to the bare wood of clothing storage furniture – drawers, wardrobes etc. Cedar Drawer Liners – a choice of either tongue...

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Jan 21, 2012 sells the widest range of moth control products in the UK and this week has added Zensect to its extensive anti-moth product range. Zensect have been supplying moth control solutions for a number of years.  Our range of Zensect products includes: Anti Moth Proofer Balls – packs of 20 lavender fragrance moth balls with the unique efficiency indicator which changes colour when the effective moth-proofing action diminishes – cost effective and safely sealed in individual sachets.  These moth balls are closer to the traditional naphthalene products than cedar balls, but safer.  Last up to 3 months Hanging Moth Proofer...

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Moth Prevention is now on Twitter

Jan 06, 2012

We've now set up a Twitter account to allow you to keep track of our news and special offers. Just follow @MothPrevention to stay in touch.  Whenever we write a news story about moth prevention, or update our list of offers we will make sure it is Tweeted so you'll be the first to hear about it.

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